Bible Institutes

Teaching the Word of God has always been a huge part of what we do. With Bible Institutes in 13 locations around the world, our desire is to reach a new generation of world changers.

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Camps & Conference Centers

Whether you want to get away in the Adirondacks or head down to sunny Florida, Word of Life camps has options for you. Though the locations are different, our commitment to provide you with solid Biblical speakers, top-notch musical talent, and an amazing location to get away won't change.

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Word of Life is an international organization with active ministry in over 60 countries and over 1,100 missionaries. Last year alone, over 160,000 people made professions of faith through the various ministries around the world. To God be the glory...great things He is doing!

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Local Church Ministries

With missionaries spread around the country, Local Church Ministries is focused on helping local churches accurately teach God's Word to their youth. We supply the Bible curriculum and then help train your leaders to teach the youth of your church the truths of God's Word.

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Take a trip down the mega tube hill, launch off the snow chute or take a relaxing horse ride through our woods. That's if you are able to find time with all of the sports competitions going on and IF you can pull your self away from sipping that White Mocha Latte in the snack shack

mega tube hill activities
Red vs. Blue

2014 continues the format of Team Competition for Snow Camp! No matter whether you are cheering for 'The Red Team' or 'The Blue Team', or just trying to squeek out one more win for your youth group, team competition during snow camp is intense. Once you arrive, you will find out which team your youth group has been assigned to and from that point on, it's no holds barred (well maybe not quite that bad)

As soon as you arrive to Snow Camp the entire camp is split into two teams. From Friday night to Sunday morning you, your church and your teammates are working together to to be victorious.

While you are here you will also be a part of the meal challenges and pre-meeting competitions, where throughout the week each cabin will be a part of the challenge to see which team is the bravest, loudest and most creative.

Throughout the weekend you will be paired up with a counselor who will help you reflect on the Biblical truths you are being challenged with from God's Word. We can't wait to see you this winter at WOL Snow Camp!